Sunday, November 30, 2008

Can you find all of the girls? With all of the "big" cousins in for Thanksgiving, the girls got to take a walk around the block. The girls were loving all of the extra attention. They cried when everyone arrived, and cried even more when they all left this morning. It was really sweet. It was a great holiday with all of Beau's siblings and their families in town. As I get more pictures, I will post them.
Daddy, I"m in charge right? (River)
(Rayne)Here we go again!
Ah, I finally get my ball pit to myself!
Hmmm,I wonder which shoes What not to Wear would recommend? I hope mom gets a good deal on some shoes!
Am I the only one cleaning around here? Oh, what a mess! But a good time was had by ALL!

Thanks to everyone for all of the nice comments about the girls. It really meant alot and it was alot of fun to do!


rachael said...

that is wonderful that they enjoyed the visit from family! my 3 are always a bit hesitant at first as well, but once they warm up they are sad to see our visitors go!

Denise Wheeler said...

How wonderful that you all had a great holiday weekend. My three are certainly shy at first but warm up in their own time. However, they never care if anyone leaves unless it is mom or dad. :)