Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pre-Birthday celebrations! Let the party begin!!!!

Today my Aunt Joy & Dana came over with a ton of balloons for the girls. The girls are basically going to have several mini birthday bashes. Today was the first. As for the balloons, all I can say 3 out of 4 were thrilled! One, not so much. River loved the little balloons, but has developed a major fear of the big, floating ones. She even says & signs scared when looking at them.
Skye & Rayne LOVED them! Skye couldn't get enough of the balloons. (Check out the video below)
Of course, all of the hard playing required a refreshment break. And some repairs!

There will be lots more events over the next few days and I hope to update frequently. I still can't believe they will be 2!


Charity Donovan said...

Yeaaah! Happy 2nd Birthday to the Fabulous Urech Quads!

Anonymous said...

Hi Misty

This is Kamis Mom in Phoenix, your girls are so cute, have a wonderful birthday with them. Thanks for the encouragement to Kami, love your girls names!!