Monday, November 10, 2008


Is it finally starting to get cold?
This is what I found when I realized the house was VERY quiet! THe 4th one is not in the pciture, but was no way innocent!
Skye prefers to dress herself. She also prefers that ALL clothes go on by way of the "feet first" method.
How many days till my Birthday?????? I got my party hat ready!
Seriously, I own this hat! I don't know what the others were thinking.
We finally getting out of the house!
Wait for me! I'm coming too!
Thanks for the shrugs Noni! WE LOVE THEM!!!!
Keep your hand still while I trace it. See!
Need I say more?


rachael said...

your girls look like they have a lot of fun (and get into a bit of trouble too) together! love the cute!


such cute little troublmakers....and having so much fun while doing it. That will be us down the road- very cute!!!

Annie said...

OMG-looks like our wedding photo on the wall............ALWAYS CROOKED! :)

Anonymous said...

can you believe they are about to be 2!
They look so grown up in these pics! So pretty!