Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday (ok, so a day late; I have to sleep at some point)

Thank you to everyone for all of the nice comments on the Halloween costumes and adventures. It was a great night and amazingly we got some cute pictures. As I told a friend who thought it looked like chaos, THOSE were the moments it was CALM enough to take the pictures! You should have seen what wasn't! I'm sure there are some of my neighbors still laughing over me & Emily trying to herd "fairies". HA!

The big news around here is JuJu was recommended for Scottish Rite Hospital. It is a wonderful place and that specializes in orthopedic issues (it does everything else too, but it is an orthopedic issue that gets you in the door). Anyway, they were so impressed with how well she is doing, that they just want to monitor her and will see us in 9 months! Yahoo! A few months ago, talks were going on about braces, supports, botox injections, splinting, ect. and now we are just going to monitor and let her "do her thing"! Big relief! And she is continuing to talk more. Her favorite phrase is "hi baby" and of course, " more Elmo".

I'm taking over this joint! Braces, shmaces!

Hey do you think Dada will put one like this our room? It'll be great to climb on top of & jump off! (and yes, she really did try at the in the exam room! that may be why they said come back in 9months!)

River is becoming my little mini-me. She has to copy or repeat everything I say or do. She is my "enforcer". Even if I'm not in the room I can hear her telling the other "no" or will come "tell" me all about it. She has also developed this huge nurturing side to her. If someone is upset she will come check on them and bring them a toy or animal. I have even seen her "pet" one and say "ok, ok". Too cute! She was enjoying her doll the last night. And when I showed her the picture of her with the doll she got the biggest grin!
Rayne-Rayne has been coming out of her shell. She still sings or mumbles all of the time, but she will definitely let you know what she wants or doesn't want now! Her new big skill is she is counting! With little to no prompts, she'll count to 10! (ok, so a number of 2 will be missing, but you can totally understand it!). She is also starting to repeat parts of the alphabet! She is so smart! She also LOVES her dolls and animals. She truly is the comfortor around her. I couldn't resist all of the cute poses she gave last night. She is now without a doubt the tallest of the bunch right now. I think she will be as tall as me by the time she is 3! (yes, I'm short and no it won't be hard for her!)

Skye LOVES shoes and has LOVES to wear my shoes. Who could blame her with such nice designer wear? LSU flip-flops! I mean, what could be better? (Yes, Emily, I know....Steve Madden!) Skye new thing is to jump everywhere. She literally hops up & down the hall. She is truly my little fairy child. She is the happiest kiddo with the best sense of humor! I think she will be my match in sarcasm too. She is so playful. I gave the girls whole ears of corn the other night and here is Skye's attempt at tackling it. It was pretty fun to watch.
Here are some pictures of "puzzle time". River LOVES her puzzles. As you can see in one of the pictures, she gets very involved and doesn't care for assistance.


rachael said...

wonderful news! and such a great update!

Fulton Quads said...

Thanks for the update! They are getting SO big! I wish our little one's lived closer so we could have play dates! Happy November! love, Cathy

Tripletblessed said...

I'm so glas you got a good report with Scotish Rite that is wonderful!

Also I'm jealous yours will sit for puzzles my kids still want to dump all the pieces for all the puzzles on the floor at one time and then they are through!