Monday, November 24, 2008

River Leigh

I thought I would give a post on each of the girls and their latest stats. Since River is "baby A" she is up first. River was born at 7:04pm weighing in at 3lbs 1oz. My life truly changed in an instant and I'm so greatful for it everyday.
As you can see, she had her Daddy at "whaa".This is her less than 48hour old. One day I will tell the whole birth story, but for now just know that River gave us a huge scare on the day they were born. We went into delivery not knowing if she was still with us. She wasn't "showing up" on the ultrasound. Well she was still with us and has been making her self known ever since. She came out looking at the world and sizing it up. Even the NICU nurses said she was one of the most alert and observant babies they had seen. She also came out needing only room air which is awesome since they were born at 30weeks. Today, she is now 25lbs & 34 inches tall! (but she is not the biggest anymore......) She has an amazing vocabulary and chooses when to use it. The other day she did walk up to me and say "mama, I wuv you". Totally melted my heart. If you ask her, she will tell you she IS the alpha dog. She is also very much into sharing & will tell you so, "share, share". Though her idea of sharing is a bit one-sided. I'm sure you can guess which way! Not much happens around here that she is not a part of. Emily is convinced she is a 25 year old stuck in a little body. River believes so too. She LOVES her Daddy, "Uucy" and of course Noni & Pop-POP. And her bee-boo. What is bee-boo? A pacifier. I have no idea where the name came from, but it has stuck. And she will not sleep without it. WILL NOT and will be very vocal about it. Gee I wonder where that could come from?
She can count to 5, 10 with alittle assist and can recognize a few letters. R & E mostly. Her favorite show is Pooh & Veggie Tales. And she is always ready to go! Don't try sneaking past her either. Like I said, she came out very alert & observant. It hasn't changed! She is protective of her sisters and if one of them is hurt, she will look for their toy or something she knows they like to give to them.
River is definitely the first born and her mommy's little mini-me. She does have her daddy's sense of order and I won't be surprised if she isn't an engineer like him. If not, she will probably be ruling the world or CEO of some company!
Tomorrow, Rayne!


TuTu's Bliss said...

I love her name and her hair. What a cutie. Blog on over anytime. It is mommy week and you qualify for sure!!!

Welcome to My Life said...

how beautyfull baby

Tripletblessed said...

What a beautiful little girl!