Thursday, November 27, 2008

Skye Elizabeth

Skye was the last one born at 7:09pm weighing 2lb 13oz. She was our tiny one! She, like River, came out breathing room air & never looked back. She also had the penthouse suite in-utero & had the most room to move. We figured that was why she was the tiniest; she got to "exercise" more. In the NICU she seemed to always be sleeping, so we would have to wake her up to hold her. Now, we have to almost hold her to get her to slow down enough to sleep!
This was the first picture where we started to put the girls together. It was a few days after things had happened with JuJu and the amazing nurses made sure that we had "happy experiences" too. They nick-named Skye "Mini-me" because she looked so much like Beau. She was the cutest thing, but hated getting her picture taken. Now she likes it, but actually prefers to be behind or operate the camera!
From the beginning, Skye has been a very happy baby! She loves to smile, laugh, dance and play. She also was the first to crawl & walk, but we figured it was because she was just so light, it was easier to move around. She loved to wiggle or crawl over & steal bottles or pull hair. Karma is catching up to her, but she still remains very fast!
I guess the other two major loves in Skye's life (besides Daddy) is her blanket & TV! She asks for tv before she is even out of the crib or fully awake. If you ever want to see a melt down, turn off the tv when she is watching. It is pretty bad! We have tried to limit/reduce it, but half the time she really isn't watching. Her & her sisters just love the background noise and the comfort of it. But, she does count, knows a ton of signs & is even recognizing letters! All I can say is thank-you Sesame Street & Signing Times!
Skye's other love, before I forget is shoes & clothes. She is even sleeping with them now!

I have been asked if she was named Skye because of how blue her eyes are, and the truth is we picked out which baby was getting which name while they were in-utero. It just so happened that the one with sky-blue eyes is Skye!
I hope ya'll enjoyed getting to "meet" the girls.


MaryBeth said...

I did enjoy getting to read about the girls individually and see pictures! Thanks for sharing... I'm sure they will treasure these when they are older.

Denise Wheeler said...

Thanks for the posts on the girls. It was nice getting to read about each one. They are all so beautiful. You are truly blessed.

rachael said...

these are all just such special posts about your girls. what a lovely way to capture them, their personalities and all, at this moment in time. so sweet. and something i am sure you will treasure (as will the girls) in the years to come. you have 4 extraordinary and beautiful daughters and it was wonderful to learn a little more about each of them!