Wednesday, November 5, 2008


This was exactly a year ago. River still loves her "beeboo".
This was me exactly 2 years ago! Who knew it was one of my last pictures in the apt. before the girls would make their arrival.
Do you think this will make a fashion statement?
She is wearing my exact same outfit & even has her hair the same! Whaaa! ( And yes, that is hairspray they were both chasing each other for!) God help us when they become teenagers!
Something new to climb for today.
She loves to wear my jackets. She wore this all morning.

Popcorn & a show.
I love flowers!
River waiting to watch LSU beat Bama!
Hmm... you really want to know what I'm about to do, don't you!
Nope, still not goin' to tell you!
Ms. Alexis trying her best to keep the crowd at bay. She is one of JuJu's ECI teachers. We are so greatful for all of them! They are a major, huge reason as to why she is doing so well. Thank you Ms. Lisa, Ms. Julie, Ms. Kandace, and Ms. Tonya!
There is so much to tell, but that will have to wait. I really need some sleep!


Dorinda said...

I'm going out on a limb but I think it might be safe to say you were carrying more then one baby :) Can you believe you fit 4 of them in there??!! As I look at my girls I can barely remember those days and when they were so little. Where did the time go??

Do your girls like the walk-in kitchen? I bought the stand alone at a consignment sale but I'm just curious if I should ever invest the money in the larger one??

Anonymous said...

WOW i never saw a pic of you prego, girl that is impressive!! Its amazing what your little body could do!!