Friday, January 9, 2009

A High-Five for JuJu!

JuJu had her annual assessment for ECI yesterday & hearing tests today. We are beyond thrilled at her progress, but to have it validated and in writing is so awesome!
Here are the results from the assessment & the progress since last year:

Yesterday 1-8-09 at the age of 25 months
She scored:
Communication- 21 months ( 11 months progress)
Self-help- 26 months ( one month advanced)
Physical - 22 months (13 months of progress)
Cognition- 22 months ( 10 months of progress)
Social- 26 months ( one month advanced)

And on her hearing test, she responded to as low as 15decibels (WITHOUT the hearing aides) and that is considered within the normal range! So we may be getting rid of those for good (Oh, I hope!)

So THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU for all of you who have prayed, followed, and offered your support.
And HUGE, HUGE THANK YOU'S to ALL of her therapists! You are such a huge part of her success!


Laurie said...

Go, JuJu, Go!

jag said...

Hooray for JuJu!

Cochran Quads said...

Yeah for JuJu!! We're still praying!

Cherie said...

Hooray for JuJu. That's awesome!

Rachael said...

yay juju, way to go girl!

Amanda D said...

Wow! Yay for JuJu! I just got tingles. She's doing so terrific!

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

That is GREAT! My daughter Julia calls teddy bear JuJuBear. Every time I read about JuJu, I think about the bear. LOL Oh, it's a build a bear. It's one of their allergy/asthma friendly (read washable!!) animals, but unfortunately they make a different bear (two-toned) and I don't think it's nearly so cute as JuJuBear! Maybe you need JuJuBear too!

Moni Graf said...

We're so proud of you, JuJugirl! You just keep rockin' on and doing your thing. You will grow up to do even greater things to make your mama and daddy so proud!

Love you!

Moni, Billy, Pius, Forrest, Danna and Laine Graf

Dorinda said...

That is such great news!! I am so happy for you guys. You have certainly been blessed with 4 beautiful and healthy girls!!

Lauren said...

That is great news for JuJu! Glad to hear it!

Keith and Jessica said...

So wonderful!