Monday, January 12, 2009

Introducing MISO Pottery

My mom, who is one of the most creative and amazing people I know, has now entered into the blogging world! Go NONI!!!!! Her blog/new adventure, Sony's World of Mud & Yarn is going to showcase new work, let people know where her work can be seen or purchased, what she's doing, with the clay, yarn, wood and fibers and where she hopes to go with all of this. She is amazingly gifted and talented and much of her work is now in galleries throughout Texas & Louisiana and in yarn stores like Yarntopia in Katy, TX. It has been so much fun watching and being a part of this journey with her. I was with her when she bought her first potter's wheel & sat in one of her first knitting classes. I guess after teaching me, everyone else has been a piece of cake! (She had to take pain pills to teach me!!!! She says it was because she just broke her ankle, but I'm not so sure). Since then she teaches all the time & if she isn't teaching, she's painting or throwing. I can only hope I can share some of the love of the creative arts with my girls that my mom has shared with me! And I can't wait to see Noni teach my girls to knit & make their own horse hair or Raku piece of pottery.
You can also see alot of her work at her website . AND if you are in the Dallas area, we will be at the DFW Fiber Festival with a booth in late April. Wish us luck that we sell lots & lots!!!!
Here is Skye modeling Noni's Shrug. If you got one of Christmas cards, you got to see all of the girls in the shrugs she knitted & designed for them.
One of her "artsy" pieces as my dad calls it. This is one of her Raku fired pieces.

And here is one of her "practical" pieces (on one of her knitted shawls). I LOVE the coffee cups, because of them being hand thrown, when you put them in the microwave the coffee gets hot & not the cup! You can actually hold the cup! I love that since I seem to have to re-heat my coffee a million times these days!


Denise Wheeler said...

Way to go Noni!! I wish she could teach me to knit. My mom has been trying for years to teach me how to crochet and I just can't seem to get it. Heck, I can barely use the sewing machine but have successfully made a few outfits.

Finleypotamus said...

That's great work!

Dorinda said...

SOO very cool :) I love the shrugs - they are adorable.

And the picture of all 4 with their blankets is just as cute.

Tripletblessed said...

Those shrugs are precious!

Meg said...

Oh my goodness!Her work is amazing! I love all the things with dragonflies, especially the coffee cup. Are you a dragonfly lover too?