Saturday, January 17, 2009

What is it????

The other day we had a huge, strange, VERY heavy box arrive. We waited for Beau to come home from work to undoe the packaging & to move it. Needless to say, it was nothing that I would ever have imagined, and yet the MOST perfect thing for a large family! I think the video clip says it all:

I can't wait to start having family dinners around this! We are so greatful for this generous gift. Thank you!!!!
EDIT: The "what is it" is the Large Lazy Susan! It is 30in in diameter and will be perfect for putting things on & spinning it around for everyone to get my amazing cooking! (ok, mac & cheese out of the box counts!)

Stayed tuned! The girls went to their first birthday party. They had a blast getting all ready in their party dresses. Ms. Emily even shared some lip gloss with the girls since there would be boys at the party! I mean, a girl's gotta look good, right? And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESTON & LANDRY!!!!!!

And yesterday was the Gerwer Quads Birthday! Congratulations on being one!


Moni Graf said...

So what was it?! The lazy susan or an entire table? Whatever it is, it looks like you all had fun with it!


Denise Wheeler said...

First Happy birthday to all those birthday babies that the girls celebrated with!
I love the video! I have to ask as well, was it the entire table or just the lazy susan? I love my lazy susan, although, mine looks much smaller than yours. The girls are so darn cute!!

Mary Anne Whiteley said...

Methinks you need a sit and spin! LOL

Anonymous said...

I must know, what it is? If you have it and love it, i will too, do share!
I thought you were saying that thing the girls are riding on goes on teh table, that would be entertaining.
Off to bed, the crew and mom came down with NASTY sickness today (two with 103 temps). Getting tested for RSV tomorrow, i am terrified and just so upset.
Iwill let you know. :(

The McNulty Family said...

ADORABLE! What a great gift! :) AND... I love the matching party dresses... too cute for words.

Gen (the sorta old quad mom ;)