Monday, January 26, 2009

Life's Little Pleasures

A sunday afternoon with Daddy & his "toys". The girls got to learn what white pine is & how to push the button to make the drill go. (all under VERY close supervision!!!)
Getting to play with your food.

Doing tricks with your food and watching it turn everything red.

Having lunch with some of your most favorite people! We met Ms. Emily out with 2 of the triplets she use to nanny for. The girls had a blast! It was 8 of us cruising the mall, playing, and eating. It was a very fun Monday morning.

Of course, we had to get Starbucks in! It was cold and they were the only ones open before 10am.

Here is a group shot of our fun. Everyone got a drink & snack.

River decided she was going to be a "Big Girl" all day and had to sit with Claire & Finley. They were so sweet with her.
And what would a day of shopping be without going to the shoe store?

This was all from last week. I got the pure pleasure of getting away for 48hrs and see old
friends & play with my Mom! We got to work on her website & Pottery. You can see her blog HERE. She named her pottery MISO which is a huge honor to me. Mi (Misty) & So (Sony). I can only hope to be as inspiring & as fun a mom as mine is!

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Moni Graf said...

How fun! This age looks like SO much fun. Glad you got a little time to yourself, too!