Wednesday, January 21, 2009


UPDATE: Ok, need to ask for a few more to be added. Casey Gerwer has been admitted to the hospital for pneumonia, the flu, a sinus infection, etc. She is resting ok and receiving IV fluids, but her whole crew has the flu right now (complete with 103 degree and they need their momma to get well really soon. Please keep her and her beautiful family in your thoughts. Also the Tubre Quads are also not feeling well. Tyger was admitted to the hospital with respitory issues and they are checking for RSV. His 3 siblings are also fighting the cold/virus thing also. I know Jac & Torey are tired and worried, so please add them to your prayers also. I truely hope I haven't missed anyone and that everyone else in Blogland is ok! It has been such a nasty cold season this year!

I would ask that you please pray for several of the quad moms out there.

Jenna had her quads at 25 weeks at the end of December. Yesterday two of them had surgery for PDA's and are recovery and doing well. However, Preston, one of the boys, has come down with a MRSA infection. I have written on this some with JuJu as that is what lead to so many of the things she has had to overcome. Right now he is in kidney failure and could use ALL of the prayers you can send. I'm sure Jenna & her hubby could use quite a few too. Click here for their blog:

Also prayers for Lauren who is 17weeks pregnant with quads and was rushed to the ER yesterday. Baby a's sack is leaking and they are hoping for it to repair itself & hopefully not lead to premature delivery. Remember 24weeks is the earliest for viabilty and the best chance for survival. Click here for Lauren's blog and here for her husband's blog

Also is the Gerwer Quads and the Goerlich Quads, specifically Sophia, have all been sick. The Gerwer quad babies & their MOM Casey all have the flu really bad! You can image what 4- 1 year olds, sick and only wanting mama can be like when you aren't feeling well yourself! I hope ya'll fell better soon! And for Sophia Goerlich, who was diagnosed with pneumonia that she feel better soon!

And last, but not least, is prayers for Amy Jo . She is 27.5 weeks and doing really well. The three survivng quads are continue to thrive in utero. Though, I know Amy Jo is starting to get really uncomfortable and could use some prayers & positive energy sent her way. I have told her she has to go past my measly 30weeks! GO AJ!

The Girls and I will be hanging out here with our Power animals, praying for each and everyone of ya'll!


The Ortega's said...

My heart is so concerned reading about the recent deliveries/surgeries and all those still trying to hold on as long as possible...The four of us are sending all our prayers!!

Fulton Quads said...

Gosh it seems like EVERYBODY is sick! I will keep everyone in our prayers! BTW, My kids had MRSA while in the NICU. It is terrible to try & deal with! I wish them all the best! Take Care!

love, Cathy & the quads

Lauren said...

Hi Misty, Thank you so much for posting our prayer request. I definitely feel the power of prayer, because somehow I am feeling positive today. Thanks again and take care.

Tubre Quads said...

Unfortunately I have another one to add to the list...Tyger was just admitted for possible RSV (swabbing him now) and the other 3 are running fever and on breathing treatments at home. I am sending this from my cell in Tyger's hospital room. I will be praying for all the good folks in your post.