Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Afternoon!

Skye's reaction when she heard about all of her quad buddies who aren't feeling so well. She is becoming so sensitive to things.
This face is also because her bed was a mess and when I went to change the sheets, I got ALOT of assistance & the side rail came off.

Party at Skye's crib! And boy did they!
When you see this expression, it usually means be prepared! Either something just happened, or it is about too! (also could explain Skye's expression)
River & JuJu had fun climbing the rail. There was a battle to see who could get to the top. You can guess who won!

Please continue to keep all those listed in the previous post in your prayers. I am sure there are many out their right now even without multiples who are dealing with alot of illness & rough days, and I will keep you in my prayers too!

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