Saturday, August 30, 2008

Geaux Tigers!

I promise not to have an LSU picture or brag about the latest win every Sat. But, I couldn't resist today. This is one of my favorite pictures of the girls and it was taken in Jan. I could still get them to sit and take a picture. This may not happen again (without the help of a miracle) until age 18?? And for all of the Longhorn fans in my family, I will post a picture of the girls in those outfits too. I promise.

I had a great video to upload, but have had some techinical difficulties. Besides that, I pulled a major muscle in my back and sitting with the computer hasn't been much fun. In fact I haven't gotten to pick up the girls in days. Though I can now stand upright and move from sit to stand. Very big accomplishments! THough I still move like a very old lady!

The girls are doing great and continue to find new words and ways to scare their parents daily.

Lucy is now know as "Uucy" and she will come to it. Usually because that means the girls have their hands out with lots of treats. JuJu continues to scale the walls (literally), Rayne has a major love affair with shoes and the more sparkle the better. Skye will set up the pillows for "pillow pile-up" herself now and River has become the "mail" person. She LOVES to go get the mail.

Hello! I'm so glad you came to see what we are doing. I swear we aren't up to anything mischievious! Do you like the fashion statement of my socks?
Lucy also will join in the "Pillow pile-up" game.


The Gerwer Babies said...

You crazy quad moms with your LSC (you know who else im referring to...umm.. TUBRE!!)
Cute pics, the girls are adorable as always :) See you tomorrow around 1:45 or 2pm (depending on the amount of meltdowns before nap time :)

Annie said...

I love that pic of the girls........too cute!!! I do wish we lived closer---my kids are sooooo into shoes, too! and hats!

Fulton Quads said...

I think it is the age. My girls just LOVE shoes too! Brendan thinks he should wear pink & carry a purse since his sisters do. I think I need to find him some more boys to play with!!! LOL! Cathy