Saturday, August 16, 2008

A little bit of everything

I hope they like it as much when it comes out of the box! Don't worry, I'll post pictures of what's inside!!!! Can you guess though?
Coffee Talk, Quad Style (actually chocolate milk)
I think the face says it all! She wasn't too happy with the dinner choice of the night.

Where are my magic slippers? I know they are around here. I really need to talk to help, this place is a mess!
Oh what to be for halloween? What do you think?

Uh huh, yeah, yeah, I think so, uh huh, Well, what are you wearing? No, I'm wearing the purple! Ok, we'll talk more later. I really need to get back to my crackers.
A cowboy hat is a must while completing a barn-yard animal puzzle!
Who needs rose-colored glasses when you can have a rose colored plate to look thru??
I think this chocolate syrup is doing wonders for my complexion. Can I have some more now?


Tubre Quads said...

Too cute girls! I love JuJu with the bunny ears!


Morgan said...

I know what the box is! Can I tell?

Misty said...

Yes, you can say what is in the box.

Jac! That is River with the bunny ears! JuJu has the blonde curls. Don't worry, I get yours mixed up too.

jag said...

Thank you a million for the supportive comment on our blog. Your little ones are precious!

Moni Graf said...

They're all so cute, but Rayne just melts my heart!

Great job on all the pics (especially the bathtime mohawks - a personal favorite of mine). Your house is so pretty inside, even if you did have to de-book the shelves due to prying hands.

Love from KS,