Monday, August 25, 2008

Whine, wine, and shoes!

Whine, whine, whine! We had ALOT of it this weekend and it wasn't a good vintage! So on Sunday morning when River started to whine, before I could say anything, she looks at me and whines "whine, whine, no whine, whine" in the most whiny voice. I didn't know if I was suppose to crack up or correct her. Then I heard my mother's voice in my head going, "karma, ahhh, karma". God, I hate karma sometimes! So the girls have mastered a new word, though it is one of many. Needless to say after all of the whining, I was wanting some wine!
Rayne is becoming my fashion diva and seems to walk around with some sort of "accessory" all of the time now, shoes, hat, purse, some sort of "jewelry". All of the girls LOVE clothes! I had ordered some stuff from Old Navy and before the box was opened, they were trying to get into it and take off what they were wearing and put on the new stuff. ALL of them had to have something on! I told Beau to be afraid, be very afraid......
Of course, shoes are still accessory #1!
A girl always needs a back-up plan, even with shoes!
Well, they both go with the outfit and it is easier to figure out left/right. Isn't having matching shoes overrated?

Garden party anyone?
Do you think this will keep the sun off me?
A girl always has to be prepared with the right purse for the right outfit. Black does go with everything!

Well.........You can only eat so many crackers!
And then there is always one in the crowd who believes less is more and goes for the simpliest approach to dressing. It is very Zen-like and does make it much easier to climb the next moutain.


Denise Wheeler said...

Misty, that is too funny! I love the pictures of the girls.

Tripletblessed said...

Those pics are great. My girls are obsessed with shoes, well really James is too. Thanks mom for that one they had tiny shoes when they came home from the NICU!
Abigail also goes for less but these days that means nothing but her birthday suit and maybe her flip flops!

jag said...

Oh my! Back to school shopping is going to be an adventure for you! I love the hat pics. Too cute.

Holly said...

Thanks for saying Hi! Yes, having all girls is fun - it gives us such an air of distinction to be an all girl family. Yours are adorable - great names too. Its fun to see them doing all their girly-girl stuff together in your pictures. My oldest is there, but the other two haven't caught on yet :).

Tubre Quads said...

Hey girls & Beau!

I LOVE the post. Can't wait to see my girls in some of my high heels :)

Thanks so much for the offer to crash your place. That is so sweet and hospitable of yall to offer. It looks like we will be riding out the storm here, but we do appreciate the offer!

Thanks so much for the call this morning Misty!


Jen4 @ Amazing Trips said...

When people ask me how I cope with four children born in less than three years, I always reply: Prayer and wine. It's the honest truth!!

Your girls are adorable!