Friday, August 22, 2008

Little Gym

Today was our first day at Little Gym. The girls LOVED IT! I don't think Rayne ever stopped, well actually none of them! :) It was such a great morning and I'm so glad that we signed them up for the whole fall semester. Beau had taken the day off and got to go with us which was so nice. Now he knows where I spent all of the money! Actually he had so much fun watching and playing with his girls. He is such a great daddy. He even took all of us out to lunch at Chili's. I swear they cringe when we walk in because of the mess we make. Is it a bad sign though, that as soon as you walk in, your kids instantly walk to the back table, and go "eat, eat"? Like the table is theirs?

Skye Monkey, USA, age 21months, youngest athlete at these games, will attempt a double summersault onto the bars. Holds world title, but has stiff competition this year.
River Bug, USA, age 21months, oldest athlete at these games, leads in track & field. Holds world title in ball throwing and just won the GOLD (golden-orange ball that is)
Rayne-Rayne, second oldest athlete at these games, has just beaten Skye's score on the parallel bars. Oh, doesn't that face just show the excitement of knowing you did a great job!
JuJu Bean, the underdog coming into these games. But have you seen the strength in her routine? And those muscles? WOW! Uh-oh! It's an upset! She has just won the GOLD! River in the back ground, throws herself to the mat in the excitement! Oh, what a day!


Annie said...

Looks like fun!!!

jag said...

What a fun day! I'm sure they were exhausted when they got home.

Katja Stahr-Long said...

What a wonderful blessing to have hubby along for the fun! Love the comments with the girl's pics.

The Gerwer Babies said...

LOOKS LIKE FUN!! Is one of them the next Nastia Lukin? Hey, if i dont see you before, would you mind bringing me that other bathring, we are using them now WOOHOO, kiddos are growing up :)
ECI came to my house, and two of my qualified :( Ill email you all the details

Kelli said...

what a GREAT post! So cute....and I had been thinking about signing my boys up for our local Little Gym, and seeing the pictures of your girls convinced me!

They are so sweet and adorable! And the love the video too!