Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dressing up.

The outfits I bought the girls for Halloween came in. Well, they had to have them on. Let me explain. My girls have become "girly-girls". They love to change clothes, look for shoes, and now even carry a "purse". It is hysterical! I took them to the mall the other day by myself (I was desperate to get out of the house) and we went thru Neiman's. ( I figured if I was crazy enough to go out with them, might as well go all out!) I rounded the corner of the last make-up and stand to face the shoe department. I hear three little voices go "shooz, yeah!" and start clapping. You should have seen the expression on the sales person. But seriously, $200 for a flip-flop on sale?????

Back to the costumes..... so as soon as I took them out of the box, they were pulling on their clothes as to get them off and running up to me going "me, me". So here are some pics & alittl video.

Mom, I want the whole outfit on, not just the free hair bow!
SO who do you think looks best? Well, of course I do! Hey, lets jump in JuJu's bed while she's not looking!
What is a fairy costume without a cowgirl hat? I mean it is Texas! And yes, the reincarnation of Minnie Pearl is in the background. The tag is almost as big as she is.
On her quest to find her prince, River has already begun kissing a frog to find him.
They may be jumping in my bed, but I'm playing in River's! And, I'm the cutest!
Daddy spending time on his break from working on the upstairs. JuJu is staying "on top" of the situation!

I hope you enjoy the video too. Rayne especially will crack you up! I don't know that these will actually be the costumes and if they are, I plan on jazzing them up alot!