Monday, August 11, 2008

JuJu & Rayne

I thought I would post some pictures of these two. They have become quite the "buddies" lately. First are a few of Rayne. She LOVES to put her Elmo chair on the couch, then sit in it to watch tv (preferrably Elmo!). Of course this usually ends up in some sort of dispute and Elmo back on the floor. Poor Elmo!
I'm ready for my close-up! Come on, let me get closer!
You're right Rayne, this is definitely the best spot to watch TV! Let's not tell the others!
No problem! It's our secret!

I want on the chair too! Let me up!!!!

I'm on the chair! I'm on the chair! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAA!

1 comment:

Denise Wheeler said...

Very cute. Love the Elmo chair on the couch. Looks like something my kiddos would do.