Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hi Dada!

For the next 2 weeks the blog will be for Beau as he travels around the world, LITERALLY! I can only say I'm so glad that technology is what it is today. So Honey, this is for you. I miss you & love you!
The girls must have known something was up all week. Of course, Beau, you are not even to the airport when River's nose became a faucet fully opened and Skye starts hacking a lung. I'm crossing my fingers its allergies. If not it will be a very LONG 2weeks.
I'm ready to go Daddy! We're traveling 1st class, right?!

He can't leave without me if I block the door! And the man coming to take him can't get in if I don't move!
I'm taking care of your chair for you Daddy. I won't let JuJu break it. I miss you! Mommy is threatening to take away our bottles. Please don't be long. No telling what other craziness she may come up with!

We decided to move Pillow Pile-up to the hallway. Rayne is making it leisure time though. As you can tell, Skye & JuJu are planning an attack. River is commanding from the back.
She who has the most rocks WINS!!!!
I have no idea how this one came to be, but River somehow got the dog leash around her waist. Skye then grabbed the leash and starting pulling her around. This will be a fun picture to torture them with as they get older, don't ya think!?!?!

Geaux Tigers!!!! LSU 26, Auburn 21!!!!
Oh, yeah, your team won too! TEXAS 52, Rice 10


Denise Wheeler said...

I love the last pic!! Actually, they are all too cute. I hope Beau has safe travels and that the time he is gone isn't too long for you.

the schirano triplets said...

what cute pics! i know you will all miss him while he is gone, but he will be back before you know it! safe travels!