Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Gym


Angie said...

what a good time at the gym! Little ones just love to jump and bounce...and it is so fun to watch them :)

JuJu you are doing a marvelous job walking...Yay for you!!

Kelli said...

OH WOW! Misty this is so cool to see! I just signed my boys up for a free intro class to the little gym for next week. I am sooo nervous about taking them by myself....but awhile back I saw another video you posted with your girls at the Little Gym, and that encouraged me to make the call and sign them up. I am so excited to see how they do....and if we sign up for the whole 16 weeks. It looks so awesome, thank you so much for posting the video.

And JuJu is doing awesome with walking!!!! GO JuJu!!!!

Jennifer said...

Little Gym is fun!
Did you ask if they give a discount for multiples. One of my friends goes with her twins. Addelynn and Alexander will start in the spring!

Misty said...

Kelli- it is worth signing up for! I have been watching the girls practice what they learn there at home, one of which is "clean-up"!!!!! They are also realizing there are other short people in the world too.

Jennifer, I did get a multiples discount- I ALWAYS ask for one! Unfortunetely they don't give as a one as I got from Kindermusik, but I'm still so glad I signed them up!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. With four babies, Homemade Gourmet would save your life. I would love to chat with you sometime. I do have 9 month old twins, Addelynn and Alexander that were born at 32 weeks!!!!!! You can view their blog at:
So glad to hear that you got the multiples discount. I have learned to ask for that just about everywhere we go!!!! Can't wait to hear from you. My email is:

Moni Graf said...

It's like a toddler's paradise! You are such a good momma - always giving your girls everything they need, and then some. They're doing awesome.


p.s. LOVED the piggy tails!