Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday Adventures

I hope everyone has been enjoying the videos! The girls and I can't wait for Beau's return home this Saturday. It sure seems alot longer than just 10days. The girls have still been fighting their cold/sinus stuff. I thought we were over it, but on Saturday it returned. I'm not sure who is more tired of the runny noses, me or the girls! They now run when they see a tissue headed their way. We did take advantage of the nice weather today and went outside after nap. The morning was very busy with ECI for JuJu and then a wonderful visit with my Aunt Joy and cousin Dana. We also celebrated belated birthday for Dana. Happy Birthday!!!! JuJu showed off a bit this morning for Lisa, her PT and for everyone else. She is walking almost 60% of the time and each day it is alittle more and alittle less looking like a drunken sailor. Well, its true, she does look a bit like a drunken sailor when she is walking!
Today we tried something new. Scary! I put some pics of it too up. I have been inspired by a few of my blog buddies and I took all four girls out front and we walked to the mailbox! I was trying out their backpack leashes. And I would say for our 4minute outing (which felt like 4 hours) and going 30feet, it was a complete success! Rayne was quick to inform when to go "i-side". This will take a bit more practice before it is perfected, but there was no major screaming, no injuries, and we all got back inside!
Now some updated funnies on the girls. River has become the enforcer! She is my mini-me. I have caught her on several occasions now reprimanding Skye for not behaving. Skye LOVES to climb out of her hi-chair. So the other day before I could turn around, I hear "Skye, down, down, skye!". Of course River got the same look that I get and about the same response- a smirk and not much else. Then at Little Gym, she started telling some of the other kids (not her sisters), that they needed to "come on". She was attempting to herd them to circle time. She then fussed at me when I apparently didn't move fast enought to leave at the end of our time either. Hence, she is now referred to as the enforcer or Miss Bossy. I have NO clue where that could come from!!!! ( Don't choke on your coffee Noni!)
Rayne continues to sing her little heart out and count to three as jumps off the couch. She LOVES pillow pile up. As I mentioned earlier that she lets you know when she wants to go in, she also will be the one to announce "night,night" when it is time to go to bed. She then gathers all her "stuff" for the night and heads down the hall and stands in front of her bed waiting for you to put her in. And her new words that she loves to say are sorry & Monet.
JuJu. Well, she is just walking up a storm and determined to keep up with her sisters. She has also gotten quite fiesty about owning mama's lap. She will push whoever is sitting in my lap out or wiggle her way in until she is the one sitting there. I have even watched her pull on someone's arm to make them loose their balance and then take advantage of the moment. Isn't nice to be so in demand?!?!?!
Skye other than being kept in line by her older sister (a full 3, possibly 5, minutes older) has become mommy's helper. She loves to help pick up the pillows at the end of the day. She also has gotten really good at dressing herself (and undressing). Her new thing is knowing her colors. We color coded the girls in the NICU to make life easy. I learned this from other quad moms before me. So anyway, Skye will now pick something up and depending on the color will say it is so & so's. Anything green, she say's River; pink, Rayne-Rayne, and yellow JuJu. It is so cute to see. I just don't know if that will count in Kindergarten.
Well enough of that, here are some pics from today and their is a video of the girls outside.
River inspecting the wind chimes.
JuJu contemplating her next move.
Rayne trying to get inside before the windchimes sound off again. For some reason, she really doesn't like the outside ones.
Skye modeling the new backpack.
Our brave new adventure! Going to get the mail! Or actually junk mail and lots of sale ads.
No, you go first! No, you! I know, JuJu will! Will follow her.
Ha, I'm in the lead! I'm first!
Suckers! I'm going back in and getting all of the cookies before anyone else!
Hey! Why are you holding that? What do you mean I can't go more than 3 feet from you! This was a trick! I thought we got free reign out here! What happened to home of the free?
A rare moment with everyone getting along and sharing mommy's lap! River is also modeling her new shirt from Aunt Joy & Dana. Thank-you, the outfits are soooo cute!
Check back soon! Tomorrow may be a HUGE adventure, with some great photo opportunities!!!!!


MaryBeth said...

So nice of the girls to share your lap... mine almost never do that! i'm jealous!! oh, the shoes came from sam's club, i think. they came in a big box of 6 pairs so there would actually be enough for each of your girls to wear a pair plus a couple of extras.

Brandy said...

I love the backpack leashes. I did not have the backpack ones but I did have some and I would use them everywhere. My kids were not to crazy about them at first and I got lots of rude looks and I am sure comments under their breath. But they need to try to control 3 or 4 kids that are the same age. I hope everyone gets to feeling lots better soon.


Denise Wheeler said...

Very cute! I wish mine would share occassionally. Markas is the worst about pushing others off my lap. I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. We are still battling the creeping crud too.
I love the leashes and so do the trio. When we take them off to get in the car they want to hold them and they give them kisses. Too funny.

Candace Hickey said...

Don't you love the backpack leashes. Our trio is getting more used to them....
Reese does not like to share my lap and will push the others away! Before, she would bite them so I guess we are making progress. The girls look good...they are getting so big!

Courtney Kay said...

I adore your family! thanks for sharing!