Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday morning and the weekend update.

This is what alot of my days/mornings look like. Me trying to corral the masses and keeping them happy, entertained, educated, and hopefully not tearing the house down! Today, Elmo was the star of the show. Uucy, I mean Lucy, was even getting into Elmo (though the girls call him "Memmo"). This is also a rare shot of all of the "women" in the house together. Poor Beau, even the dog is a girl. Since hurting my back last week, the girls and I have been doing lots of reading and learning signs and new words. I owe alot of thanks to Beau, Emily, Ms. Doris, and Aunt Liz for doing all of the lifting of the girls while I tried to just get up! I'm finally myself again after a week. I have to say I have some amazing people in my life, esp my hubby!
For Labor Day we went over to William & Liz's and played in the pool for hours. The girls loved it. River got Daddy all to herself and Skye got mommy! Rayne had a great time with Aunt Liz, while JuJu had a blast with Uncle William. They especially enjoyed all of the tortilla chips & chocolate ice cream. My Girls LOVE chocolate! THere is very little sharing with that and I am serious when I say they "take no prisoners!".
As for Gustav, all of my family in LA are doing ok. Most got out, and the ones who live north of Baton Rouge, still have power outtages, but all are ok. YEAH!!!!! My poor brother is still in a Fema trailor and only weeks away from getting back into his house when Gustav decided to come play. Needless to say we are all very happy. If you get a chance go to the Tubre Quads site, she has some video of Gustav as they are in the Baton Rouge area.
And to add to our new words & sayings: "see u soon", "wha happened?" "g'mornin", "me too", the humming of "twinkle, twinkle". They are also starting to repeat everything you say, but these have been consistent.

Ms. Emily with all of the girls. Skye was telling her a fabulous story while Rayne & JuJu tried to steal the "toy d'jour".
Seriously, Ms. Emily, don't you believe us?

I thought you said noone was going to see me in this "Texas" outfit! I bleed Purple & Gold! Well, if it is for Dada, then it is ok. But, ONLY for Dada!

Pillow pile-up and all 4 in one spot!
Rayne-Rayne after stealing the best pillow. Not a hair out of place either!

A very site, a calm, serene Skye! It does happen. Doesn't she look so sweet and angelic?
Yep, Noni, the hats still fit! It goes great with the bathing suit cover-up, don't ya think??


MaryBeth said...

Is it just me or have all your girls recently had a hair growth spurt?!? I don't remember them having such long locks last time I checked in...

Misty said...

Yes their hair has really grown and to be honest the pictures don't really even do it justice! I saw your blog & am looking forward to the cabbage patch stories.

Denise Wheeler said...

I am glad you are feeling better. i love the UT outfits! Lucy has one just like it. She is going to be a UT cheerleader for halloween and they boys are going to be UT football players. I am still working on getting their costumes. Just thought I would share since I know how much you LOVE UT. :)

Jessie's Girls said...

Lots of cute pictures! You won't believe how much your girls are going to be talking 4 months down the road. My oldest is 26 months and it just happened overnight that she went from repeating everything after me to holding full conversations with me.