Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Thanks to all of you who have commented. The girls are starting to feel better and so am I. I'm glad ya'll have enjoyed the videos too. It has been kind of nice too having 3 quiet days in a row. I have had a chance to see how much the girls are growing and pretend playing now.
River is my little Mini-me. She even corrects Skye when I'm not looking and will inform you as to who has the "stinkey". (Note to self: don't do anything you don't want anyone to know when she is around!) She has become very attached to a stuffed bear that was actually mine as a kid. Today, she went and handed the other girls their blankets and made sure they all had their color too! She will also inform you when the sippy cups are empty by shaking them and going " emp-ee"
Rayne is still my laid back cutie. She is also becoming a pack-rat. As Beau says, her hands are NEVER empty. She gathers everything when she goes to another room. Her crib is loaded with stuff, which she takes with her every morning. She LOVES to sing. You can listen to her in the middle of the night sing and talk to her sisters if they wake up & cry during the night. She also LOVES to dance and jump!
JuJu continues to amaze and scare me (and everyone else) daily. Today she practiced walking all day and climbed on top of the blue reclining chair. Usually Daddy is there for support, but she decided not to wait till he got home. Like Rayne, she loves to jump in her bed. She also is trying to keep up with her sisters and dance. And, she will point out all of the flowers for you.
Skye is becoming very independent. She has to put her own clothes on and ALL of them! Since she hasn't figured out how to put a shirt on, she puts them on just like her pants. The funny part is when she tries to walk with all of it on. Her favorite word is "NO", her favorite game is jumping off the couch, and her favorite part of the day is streaking thru the house after bath!
All four together!
Mmmm.... this cookie is good!
I wonder if Lucy's water is better than ours?
Just because she is so cute!
So who had the real designer purse? And where can I get a good deal on a Dolce & Gabbana?
River has become very maternal these last few days. Besides taking care of "Bear", she is also becoming the Mini-Mom. She seems to really enjoy correcting Skye!

I'm calling you Daddy! Now what is that international code again?

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the schirano triplets said...

i am glad to hear you are all on the mend!